The dawn of a new league... The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on DC Universe Online EU PS3 Server
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 Raids sign up

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PostSubject: Raids sign up   Tue Sep 13, 2011 1:57 am

rules updated 12 Oct 2012

Hi league members,
We are starting to do sign up raids. It's simple, I will post the date and time we are planning to do raids. Possibly couple times a week. See which raid fits your schedule best and sign up for for it/them. If you signed up, please show up and be on time. If you signed up and can't make it, please contact Green Bar or anyone who is participating in such raid in advance.

If more than 8 people signed up, it will basically be first come first served and roles we need as priority. Any extra members who signed up will be on reserved.

For example, 3 healers, 3 controllers, 3 dps and 2 tanks signed up, 11 people, and for such raid, we need 2 healers, 2 controllers, 3 dps and 1 tank. Therefore, the first 2 healers, first 2 controllers, 3 dps, and first tank signed up will be picked. The extra healer, controller and tank will be on reserve.

Prerequisite for FOS raids:
It has been a lot of pressure on league members trying to achieve FOS while carrying younger league members through these raids. Only members with at least 53 combat rating are eligible to participate in FOS raids. Please respec to your proper raid spec before joining the raid group.

Signing up for raids is not mandatory, but it secures your spot for such raid.

When you sign up for raids, please post as below:

Character's name / Role

vee / Sorcery healer
Healer rings and Rapture waist

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Raids sign up
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