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 Making money in DCUO --- posted especially for GREEN BAR

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Making money in DCUO --- posted especially for GREEN BAR Empty
PostSubject: Making money in DCUO --- posted especially for GREEN BAR   Making money in DCUO --- posted especially for GREEN BAR EmptyThu Sep 15, 2011 1:57 am

( the writer actually FJ in disguise? lol)

I'm writing this up because a few of you asked me in game about it.
However, I could be totally wrong on this article. By wrong, I mean
I've never sold an item for 10 million or the like (some people claim to
have done this *shrugs*). Nor can I afford to buy everything I see on
the auctioneer. I have, however, sold a few items for 1 million over,
and I've bought some pretty expensive stuff too, because I could
(eventually) afford to. Lastly, I don't believe that making money in a
video game (or in real life either), should be some kind of unspoken
secret, to be hoarded by a select group of greedy jerks. So if you
consider my criteria to be reasonable profit-wise, please read on. Making money in DCUO --- posted especially for GREEN BAR Icon_cool

Observations about buyers: You make more money from other players via the auctioneer more than anything else in game. The reason is simple... people want stuff and they want it now.
Because of this, inventory items that you may consider dumping at a
safehouse vendor may be worth more than a couple of hundred bucks, which
brings us to the following...

Use the auctioneer as a reference tool:
Always check your inventory against the auctioneer. Don't just trash
everything. Don't think that because it's a level 3 green item, it's
worthless. What's the style of the item? Is there another one on the
auctioneer? If there is, what is it selling for? People will pay big
for the silliest things because they are impatient.

Choose when to sell: Be savvy about when
you sell things. As a basic trend, selling on weekends is bad because
there's more competition. Also, if someone is selling an item for so
low that you don't want to compete with her... don't sell your item. Wait. And remember that you can buy cheap and re-sell high.
For example if you see an item that you know is worth at least 100k
being sold for something stupid like 5k (this actually happens), buy it
yourself and re-sell it... you just made 95k.

With that in mind, here are some of the things that I keep to sell:

Purples from solo instances: The
next time you're fresh off Brainiac's ship and about to equip that
level 4 epic Scarecrow mask from the first Batman mission, think
twice... it can go anywhere from 100k-500k on the auctioneer
post-megaservers. Do you actually need epic gear at level 4? Making money in DCUO --- posted especially for GREEN BAR Icon_rolleyes It's up to you, really... just remember what it can be worth and that you'll only be wearing Dr. Crane's hand-me-downs for a few levels before you get a better quest
upgrade. Also keep in mind, that solo epics which are exclusive on
hero/villain side, sell big on the opposite side. A pair of Power
Girl's gloves can go for 5k at the Hall of Doom auctioneer... however,
it can go for 50k+ at the Watchtower.

Clues: Have you ever trashed an Already Collected
clue? Stop doing that. There are clues that can sell for millions,
like Renee Montoya's GCPD file or an Oan Disabler from Metropolis'
Tomorrow District. Even if you sell about 10 crummy matchbooks for 100
bucks each, guess what? That's equates to a pack of Soder or a bad
repair bill. Again, check your duplicate clues at the auctioneer before
getting rid of them.

All green armor drops: People
pay big to finish a style collection. Again, do not simply vendor your
greens. Use the auctioneer as reference. If the style of the green in
your inventory is not there, put it up for as much as you want to see if
anyone bites.

Certain weapon skins: I can't say
that I keep a lot of weapons to sell. I actually do trash a lot of
weapon drops because I find turning over armor styles more effective.
However, styles like any type of dual-wield katana skin can net you a tidy sum. I'm sure there's more to this than katanas, but weapon skin knowledge is really not my thing. Making money in DCUO --- posted especially for GREEN BAR Icon_confused

Here is a list of my personal favorite stuff to farm:

I prefer "spare time" farming, meaning I don't log on to DCUO to farm
like a workaholic. I like to farm things I consider easy, quick, and
returns a lot of profit. The following list is not an "I must farm this
OR ELSE" list. It's just stuff that I find enjoyable to farm...

1. Memorial Plaque clues (in Metropolis' Park and Gotham's Robinson Park)

2. Kryptonite (in Midtown Metropolis)

3. Clues from instances (after instance is done, I'll usually stay behind to do this)

4. Renee Montoya's GCPD file (anywhere in Gotham, I have more luck in East End)

5. Batwoman's Cape (In Intergang instance)

6. Deathstroke's Bandolier (In Riddler's hideout)

7. Scarecrow's Helm (1st Batman mission)

8. Power Girl's gloves (1st Lex Mission)

9. Brother Blood's Helm (Ellsworth Memorial Hospital instance)

10. Wonder Girl's belt (Giganta instance) <-- I've never gotten this, but it's an easy instance, so I do it when I'm bored

11. Catwoman's goggles (Catwoman solo instance)

12. Kanhdaq chest

Stuff that I've seen sell for a lot, but I hardly/never farm because I find it unpleasant/really f*cking boring Making money in DCUO --- posted especially for GREEN BAR Icon_mad :

1. Robot Batman Helm (Batman lvl 30 mentor mission)

2. Aquaman's belt (from Condemned Shipyard instance in Metro)

3. Oan disabler (Metro Tomorrow District)

4. Acoustium Casing (Suicide Slums)

5. All Arkham Island clues

Happy hunting! If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me in game.



"A heroine can live on Soder alone."
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Making money in DCUO --- posted especially for GREEN BAR
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