The dawn of a new league... The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on DC Universe Online EU PS3 Server
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PostSubject: DC UNIVERSE and THE QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE   Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:02 am

hi guys rite me n bluray have been away on a lil backround story fact finding mission that im goin to erge you all to do n this is why. I AM A SOLID DC FAN lol iv got a great knowledge of most things DC and this is the pure reason i brought and play this game not because im a massive gamer or that a big fan of mmo's which most of you can probley tell,and wen buyin this game i accspectid that most people playin it would have a decent knowledge of DC too but this isent the case especially in our league, n i feel that for some of you that lack of knowledge is dampering all the fun and adventure this game has to offer.the DC UNIVERS is a truly massive place nn you guys with no knowledge of it have no idear of the potential for this game or wot it means for fans like me to walk through the fortress of solitude or to run the halls of arkem its big from only ever seein these places in comics n cartoon s n movies to actually fighting my way through them feels fantastic and thats wot i fink most of you are missin out on SO to get you all started on your QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE iv scoured the web and have some links for you guys to check out and i erge you all to doit especially you GREENBAR not only r thay great entertainment but thay r a great way to comedown from the buzz of say a hards nite raiding and keepin the topic DC and every time you watch 1 it gives u that little bit more understanding in to a carictor b it a hero or villan and with this under standing maybe 1 day we could have a convosation about DC n not just the game side of it lol please watch and enjoy.

ok im putting these links in the order thay should be watchd so you guys get a better under standing all links are to a main page and then its up to you guys to find the rite video link wich is most suitible for you i do recomend you always full screen your video to get rid of any ads or filters wot maybe active.

ps thers are movies all over an hour not kids cartoon episodes

justice league a new frontier

superman doomsday

superman batman public enemies

superman batman apocolyps

batman under the red hood

justice league crisis on 2 earths

rite so if you have watchd all of the above and are now ready for a great adventur i dare you to start to watch smallville this is not only an epic journy that you take wiv superman but also a dark sceary tale about lex this journy spands over 10years and nearly 300 episodes and this link will give you access to all start on seris 1 ep 1 and enjoy for only by compleating this hole seris will you gane great knowledge of all things DC as the show not only covers superman s past but the begings of most of dcs best carictors like from the flash aqua man and hawk man to bizzaro of corse lex and brainiac and so much more that you will not no about unless you watchd the top links but will be in the game.

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PostSubject: Re: DC UNIVERSE and THE QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE   Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:28 am

Excellent will give me something to do whilst downloading the update!
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PostSubject: Re: DC UNIVERSE and THE QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE   Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:52 am

Does it mean that you guys will be online more often so we can chat about all these?? hmmmmm???

Get online and help me with alerts pleeeeeaaaaasssseeeee!!!
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PostSubject: Re: DC UNIVERSE and THE QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE   Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:17 am

try i usually watching tv show on that site
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