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PostSubject: RAID ONLY!!!   RAID ONLY!!! EmptyWed Oct 05, 2011 11:13 pm

Ok Ok Ok people are not happy, and I can totally understand why, I recently posted a READY TO RAID!!! post, in regards to group team layouts and reasons why, List has been changed and I have made a partial second raid team which is not yet set in stone and appointed EXEL as raid leader if you are not on the list(s) people you can still get all your raids done in the week by following the raid sign ups which Vee spends time to post, so please reply if you are interested in raiding and want to get a raid or 2 or all done, If you are on the list but you cant make a league raid you just need to say so its not a problem, but do not say you will turn up when a time has been set and not show, This is totally not cool and not fair on other league members, Last but not least the main reason and point for this post RAID ONLY???

I and other members have noticed but it has bothered them more than me so i'm addressing this issue and this also may cause the list to change is also I suppose coming under attendance title.. . some people are currently in the list(s) not all but some who may be under SP and not have as many SP as they should the guideline of 55 I stated was just bare minimum some are scraping this and should be much stronger, but they will not get stronger because as noticed, they just sign on for the raid then log off, fair enough if you have work or commitments thats cool, but some members don't even say bye, NOT COOL, other members I guess are annoyed as duos and alerts and grinding and helping each other as much as we used to before we started raiding is not getting done anymore, we are strong but not strong as we can be, was on the phone with Lumi yesterday, he done FOS with a league not mentioning other league names on our forum LoL, and they cleared it in 35mins, he said every member in the league has around 94SP he said he was 3rd on the DPS chart sounds like by alot to lol Lumi is on 82SP, Just cant have members moaning about a raid we don't get through if all they want to do is sign on for that raid? It won't work. The more SP we all have the easier it will be for the ones with more SP, people need to please grasp this, If you dont have much time outside work or life for the game thats fine, Life is the most important thing, but the time you are on if you want to better yourself and league do the necessary things even if that means you stop raiding for days weeks or months, I did it at one point, I stopped raiding for MONTHS just to feat hunt. if you feel this may apply to you and maybe the only time you have is that time we are meant to be raiding, let me know and I will get a group for you while the others raid to get your SP and feats up. then when you log out that night you will have more SP and not just a purple raid gear that didn't do much for you or your stats or maybe even nothing??? maybe an unsuccessful raid due to theses reasons???. surrounded by purple gear doesn't make you strong, its the SP can't stress this anymore,

Ok, Thanks for reading if you want help with the feats and to be taken of raid list or anything important feel free to PSN me PINGCHAT me or contact me in game.. .
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