The dawn of a new league... The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on DC Universe Online EU PS3 Server
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 Dlc 2 out end dec

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Dlc 2 out end dec Empty
PostSubject: Dlc 2 out end dec   Dlc 2 out end dec EmptySat Oct 15, 2011 8:04 pm

Hi all and vee I except ur challenge Smile even though I'll be rusty lol and thx 4 heads up.... But back to game news.... Dlc 2 out in dec .. Is the cosmic cube staring the flash, as u travel back in time to his origin story
Also rumours r there will b no new power set but possably a new city instead
And on a separate note when dc go's free to play Market place is going to have loads of new gear on so don't waist all ur money just yet

Back 25th oct
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Dlc 2 out end dec
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