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 research and development

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PostSubject: research and development    research and development  EmptyThu Jan 12, 2012 3:35 am

Every hero (and villain) needs a finely-tuned
arsenal to succeed, and now DC Universe Online has just the right
system! All DCUO players now have access to the all-new Research &
Development (R&D) system. This new system allows players to create
new and powerful items.

Research & Development brings Equipment Mods - a new type of item
that will socket into players’ existing gear to give them a stat and
combat rating increase. Players can use different Equipment Mods to
increase various stats, allowing them to further customize their gear to
suit their needs. In addition, players will be allowed to make superior
consumables that not only restore health and power, but also provide a
stat buff.

Upon reaching level 10, players will be directed to their respective
faction’s R&D contact in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom for an
introduction to the R&D system. R&D parts, Stations and Vendors
can be found throughout the game so that no matter what players do, they
will be able to make use of the new system.

There are four elements of this system, including:

Finding and Researching: Plans to create Equipment Mods to upgrade
gear and consumables can be collected throughout the world.

Throughout the open world (including Gotham City,
Metropolis and Central City), players (1-30) can find exobytes and other

Players can turn unused, uncommon or rare items into
crafting materials, and they can recover a rare item and create a useful
piece of new equipment.

Bosses will drop useful ingredients such as Focusing Elements and Plans throughout the game

research and development  R_D1
Gather Exobits and Exobytes!
first step in harnessing the untapped power of the Exobytes lies in
finding them. Residual Exobytes in the world have broken down into units
called Exobits. These smaller pieces are scattered around Gotham City, Metropolis, and Central City. Gather the Exobits, then forge them into new Exobytes of varying qualities at Research and Development stations.
research and development  R_D2
Research Plans!
course, before construction can begin, you must decide what kind of
item you wish to create. Equipment Mods can be socketed into gear for
powerful benefits, and various Consumables will lend you bonuses for
short durations of time. Plans for the creation of either can be found
throughout the world or purchased at new Research and Development
research and development  R_D3
Develop Equipment Mods and Consumables!
you have learned the appropriate plan, collect the necessary
components, including Exobytes, and assemble the new item at a Research
and Development station. Equipment Mods come in various colors which,
when matched with similarly colored sockets on your gear, can provide
even further bonuses and power.
research and development  R_D4
some gear found in the world can now be deconstructed at Research and
Development stations to aid in the process. Salvaging these items will
return Research and Development components that can be used in other
a video talking about it too:
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research and development
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